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When your tub is chipped or cracked, or has a weak floor, you can rely on Bath Aid and my professional, courteous service to restore your tub quickly.

Professional tub and shower repair

Make your tub look like new

When it comes to the types of repairs available, you need to keep in mind the material used for your tub. With acrylic and fiberglass tubs, we can repair cracks, chips, and install floor inlays to strengthen weak floors. If is porcelain, we can repair the chips.


With all three materials, you can trust Bath Aid to install a non-slip surface for you to help make your bathing experience safer.

Repairing the chips and cracks of your tub are the first step to renewing your tub with new surfacing. I'll be happy to give you a FREE estimate on resurfacing your tub for you, and we will attempt to meet or beat any other estimates you've received.


Are you needing to resurface your tub? Or are you needing electrical or mechanical repairs for your whirlpool tub? We can handle that too.


Have your bathtubs and showers repaired

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